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MyHello is a tech-enabled, LIVE phone visit platform--leveraging life stories for better health. 

MyHello provides a structure to match participants (typically people 65+) to build social connections and new friendships using ANY phone - fighting social isolation and loneliness. MyHello uses LifeBio's research-based life story/reminiscence work (perfected over 20 years) and proprietary training methods to help people connect effectively and meaningfully. See more on our research here.   

MyHello can be used in the following settings:

  • Health Plans (Medicare, Medicaid)
  • Mental Health / ADAMH Boards
  • Senior Services
  • Community Organization
  • Government Agencies
  • Home Health / Home Care
  • Health Systems
  • Senior Living / Assisted Living
  • Individuals & Families

Why use MyHello?

The statistics are alarming. Loneliness and social isolation have a negative effect on both mental and physical health. People with conditions such as congestive heart failure and COPD have 50% higher rates of loneliness. 

Three in five of all Americans are impacted by loneliness, and it is likely that post-pandemic those rates will increase. Even apart from COVID, sometimes just getting out of the chair or out of the house is a challenge when facing chronic conditions, especially for people 65 and older. 

MyHello can help. Our research has shown that using reminiscence and being socially engaged can decrease depression and loneliness while improving life satisfaction. 

Who uses MyHello?

Anyone can use MyHello. We work with people of all ages. We connect with the older generation in order to lessen the effects of social isolation and loneliness. Our program can also connect with people struggling with mental health and depression.

For Health Plans....

Ask us how we can provide telehealth loneliness interventions using VBID for Medicare Advantage or DSNP Populations. 

For more information, click MyHello for Organizations.

To learn more, please call MyHello at 1-833-694-3556.

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MyHello uses personal telephone calls to make social connections and impact wellbeing.

MyHello has an option perfect for you. Contact us today to learn more about our solution to social isolation.

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